half steps, stay-no charge, big steps for escape. Tiredness equals major slowdown on recovery, keep in mind. Keep feet on both sides of opponets back foot – positional power-punch across. Push through every hit. 



Polearm waist turning with upright block not necessary to have all the way out but must turn waist completely, moulinet(sp?) back in, to the pell by numbers to get form,  stretch. watch stepping to weapon side, remember weapon can block then strike, weight on back leg.

Them’s Fightin words

Brain to body and back, footnotes to self when wise words spoken to listen

Focus weapon side push, not square. Go for shot that is opening, not shot that is open. Staying alive, go down for offside shot. Write words after fight quickly, brain hold, rehash body later.

These will be in format for my brain so feel free to ignore 🙂