Guardians Covenant

Out there, messages linger, ghosts of forgotten transmissions drifting through space, sometimes they mean something, sometimes they are just small bits like “This is Ripley, last surviving member of the Nostromo, signing off”

(highly paraphrased from the book adaptation of Alien 3)

To say I was really getting excited about a new movie in my franchise is to belabor something quintessentially obvious if you know me. If you know me not, substitute some series or particular thing you love and think of new content, a new part of that world being explored, why and how did the events that led to your favorite story line come to be? Imagine they gave you the budget, the choice director? Imagine all the shiny things you thought it could be?

Now imagine going to see that world, to be immersed in a an expansive other world, to completely sublimate yourself for a few hours away from the real world to dive into something that MEANS something to you.

Now, as you are watching it, as you are hopefully yet skeptically giving it a little slack on the leash.. ok.. maybe a little more… ok.. this feels weird… but maybe.. no they aren’t going anywhere with that point… maybe this is where we get back to plot… nope? ok.. umm little more slack… little more… and the leash slips away… somehow you are left looking at your hands and wondering just how much rabid weasel crack they had to do to create this shitshow.

Alien: Classic horror/suspense/sci-fi elements that not only were internally consistent but set the stage for a pretty epic arc, it was about a first encounter, procedure, life, loss, corporate greed, betrayal, and survival. How do you survive against something so completely Alien.

Aliens: Action/sci-fi second chances(Ripleys, Newts, asshole Gormans) unanticipated consequences, growth, corporate greed, people first, redemption for synthetic persons

Alien 3: Action/sci-fi horror, ass end of the verse, with the refuse of humanity, still surviving, corporate greed, humans first, last chance and lost chance, the circle is complete, Ripley is lost, but refuses to let her loss lead to further loss. Swan dive into molten metal

Alien resurrection:




Favorite Things

The world is huge, and a few voices connect and you begin to feel not so tiny after all, except when you do, and when you do, you write, you try to stay connected to find how your voice fits in, but mostly, you listen a lot… Jenny Lawson is one of my favorite people to listen to. She makes the dark less scary and much much weirder 🙂 kinda friendly like truth be told. Snuggle up to your darkness and ride it through, we’re all on the same turtle after all.

Favorite Things

There are a million things on the internet, from how to do your make-up to how to replace the headlight on your specific car. This is one of the first web series that I fell in love with and want to share and point to something that says, Yes! This! This awesome creative thing needs to be done more. Be who you are and be amazing and find the things that make you smile or be creative. Then share them. Not everyone will love what you love, love it anyway. 🙂

The goal is to start saying.. Hey.. this is cool! Go check out this thing! This makes me happy, I hope it gives you a smile 🙂


Favorite Things

Ghostbusters 2016

Twice. In the theater. Boom!

They (the nefarious they!) finally made a movie for me!

I wasn’t sure what to expect and after years of “chick flicks” feeling shallow to me. There is now a movie about my kind of person. My weird quirks, my neurosis, my friends who also maybe never fit a mainstream mold. Also, eye candy.. for me… a male onscreen to serve no other purpose than titillation and amusement. Done so tongue in cheek that it plays smooth. The whole thing just makes my girly bits happy and feels like, well like I must imagine it felt like to see Luke onscreen and know your destiny was to be a Jedi, or Bond, or John McClane, or a million other guys who share your same gender being the hero. I had pretty much… well … Ripley… yeah! .. and… umm… yeah… Red Sonja? Kind of? I mean I liked her and wanted to be like her but in the end, she wasn’t me… She was someone made for a different viewer. I wanted to be She-Ra.. but she was just a cartoon, and still answered to Prince Adam.. really? Her brother? ahh well. But I think you get my point. Abby! I could have been here, shit, I was her! Just a little off, not your mainstream, I was never brave enough to be Holzman but even then, she was her own interesting awesome character, fantastic.


anyway… see the movie, bring your girls to see it… it’s worth knowing someone out there is in your corner. 🙂