So a quickie here, and follow ups as I am so inclined. I’ve a need to express, and collect thoughts, so many meander through my brain and I get lost oftener than I’d like. I’m a reader, a poet, a fighter, a sometimes murderer of music, an ex-med lab tech, a current massage therapist, a listener, an enjoyer, a crafter of tiny clay things, conjoiner of cloth with intent to make garment like structures, or stuffed creatures, neither well, nor as often as I’d like.

I’m a player of games, a dreamer, a soul that connects through inspiration and admiration of the silly, absurd, neurotic, beautiful, sad, simple and strange moments already out there. I am privileged and grateful, granted by the powers that be the means to express, communicate, and the stability of environment in which I can murk about in matters of the mind rather than matters of survival.

I have survived, I wish to share, connect, explain myself, and maybe understand myself a little more. This may not be for you, but if it is, I’m glad of that too.