All the things… 

So, for me, writing is therapeutic. A way to express. So the plan was, get the neat little keyboard for my note tab. Start here or there, little bits, share and revamp poetry, express or escape. So many things happen that I want to express and have been too tired to. I’ve been getting better about eating cleaner, that ties in because before cleaning things up, before starting with my “bulletproof coffee” kick .. I was pretty low… things just getting piled deeper and deeper. Finances, house cleaning, expressing myself to those I love. Just.. hard to connect because I was so .. well low.. not suicidal so there’s that. Just unable to get out of a general … discontent. No fault, nothing I shouldn’t be able to shake. But, there I was. I’m starting to feel better, just have to keep reminding myself that it’s one day at a time, and that I can’t fix everything for everybody, but do what I can, and not so much that I resent the energy it draws from me. I’ve had so many thoughts about funny things to write, moments here or there. Some wonderful new movies, I love movies, and how they connect us with symbols, oh gods and old books, and new 🙂 Revisiting the world of Lazarus and Dresden. Plopped into the beautiful and weird Saga. The Jungle Book! (2016) How sweetly sentimental. How delightful a remake, reimagining. The silky voices, trussst in meee. 🙂 Funny how a few notes of music can make smile like I’m 5 🙂 I blame my Papa Bear for that. My dad is Baloo, and will always be. So naturally I brought the new dvd home and at 38 managed a nice evening with my family. I saw the Killing Joke by myself, Ihave thoughts on the new season of Once Upon a Time (Hook Good!) Also, seriously not everything needs to be steampunk, though I appreciate the asthetic … Ok… no judging! Also, just charmed by Galavant. Star Trek Beyond, I still love the new actors, though the whole thing for me was just a reminder of a very young talent and a very old one that the world will never see again, so, bittersweet. The Martian, Holy crap how well acted and fun was that for being a movie that doesn’t really look all that interesting to start with. And now my remakes monologue. DAMMIT People. NO one owns a story, no one owns a vision. I give remakes a credit for honesty that some writers don’t bother to attempt as each story it’s only the dressings that change. I think there is something so important in that change though. Some niggly detail that allows a wonderful story to reach and touch an audience that the first may never have. Just because you don’t like the story doesn’t mean that somewhere that story isn’t changing a life and the only way something like that can touch you is if some part of it connects, grips, teases and tickles your mind. I don’t care how epic or amazingly “well written” your favorite book is, the truth is, if it doesn’t catch someone it doesn’t touch them. I’d rather see a world of bad writing that touches a thousand imaginations rather than a “critically acclaimed” tome that only 5 musty scholars give a good gorram about. Art, story, music, these things are alive and simply cannot be contained or owned. So love the remake, hate it, wait for it, it’ll be around again and maybe if you are lucky, one with be your perfect version.

So yeah. Words. G’night all 🙂


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