It was Disney, a loud and colorful blur, lines, rides, people. Group of friends. My love, who I was so grateful and feeling heart breakingly tender towards an amalgam of all my loves and for the life of me appearing as a young John Watson and a best friend who looked like one of my favorite black cosplayers, I didn’t label this way in my dream, but at the time she was my trusted best friend who took care of details. But  I can’t remember their names even through I knew them in the dream. We had stopped to eat at a large cafeteria, lots of noise and laughter. I was showing moving photos and talking about my family. They were physical pictures I was flipping through set to music I boasting about how lucky I felt and just in general very grateful and as everyone carried on with conversation and eating some guy comes up behind the table and tells me he has a gun, I see the familiar pocket bulge and become very aware of time stopping and every detail around me I tell him I will cooperate and I know how to behave because my father is a prison guard, at which point, I dream feel his anger and he decides that instead of money or a quick get away as an escapee, he’d rather have revenge, and the best way to get that would be to kill me because that would hurt dad more. He steps back and I get two bullets in my upper right shoulder, at which point I realize the intention has changed and he means to kill me and I get really irked, cause my life is good, and I’m not ready to go, and then it dawns on me that he wants to hurt my dad by killing me and I get seriously pissed and hurt and I charge him tackle him down. Finally help arrives and they take him away, I shout to my friend to get my pack and my pictures and she grabs everything up and follows I call to my love, cause I’d like a hand to hold as I’m pretty sure I’ll be rushed off to surgery, but no, now I’m in another room and my love and my friend aren’t with me, they have to wait outside. I’m at a table with wires, computers, hook ups etc and being asked questions by 3-4 people, one of whom is Simon Tam from Firefly, I think Captain Mal is on my left but can’t see him clearly he just asks questions and Simon is trying to direct me to assemble from the wires on the desk and a starter pack of leads my own ekg, and I’m getting frustrated and he’s like “would you like some help?” and I’m all like “Yeah I’d like some help, I got shot.. right here” and I partially mimic the line from Firefly. As Simon comes to help I wake up. Holy hell where does this all come from? Sheesh.


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