The big idea :-)

So, from time to time I find the need to write. To communicate, astonishment, delight, sorrow.. etc, you know, get the stuff from inside to out so it doesn’t build up and I don’t give in to the trapped feeling. I’ve discussed this with the SO, and found that we are in general quite happy with our little life. Finances on the other hand, working from pleasure instead of from need, what a dream šŸ™‚ I luck out and have a job I enjoy, but if I could just get it all under control right? Well anyway, I was saying how I’m not trapped that way, but I find theres a hole I’ve dug myself into and it’s time to start my way out, again, but that’s another story for another time. So when stress is highest, and my ability to solve problems by riding to the rescue is curtailed.. I need something that is just me. So, beware of bad poetry, odd musings, attempts at short fiction and the occasional “Holy shit guys this is freaking cool!” post. Other than that, carry on. We all will whether we like it or not. šŸ™‚


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