Schrodinger’s cat


Come my friends and I will tell you a story,
of a little cat, and scientific glory.You see, into a small box this cat one day wandered,
and in a flash of inspiration, Schrodinger did ponder.

What if, for that briefest moment, thought he,
what if there exist two separate possibilities?

That when that cat into the box does hide,
that he could be in there, dead, or alive.
What if, in that instant of possibility,
that instead of merely two truths, there in fact exists..
both the cat that died.. and the cat that lived.

What if, in those two separate creatures natures wisdom does provide,
a way to influence the outcome, a way to change the tides?

We have found it possible to alter the waves of light, the waves of sound,
even the waves of air.

Are we now so dense
in our exquisite intelligence,
that we conceive no way
to change the waves of possibility?

this my scientific friends,
my fellow humans with a brain,
this is what we mere mortals call magic.

conceive now your path,
and with your strength give it truth

all that can, or could ever be
it’s up to you to choose.
(updated 8/3/16)

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