Favorite Things

Ghostbusters 2016

Twice. In the theater. Boom!

They (the nefarious they!) finally made a movie for me!

I wasn’t sure what to expect and after years of “chick flicks” feeling shallow to me. There is now a movie about my kind of person. My weird quirks, my neurosis, my friends who also maybe never fit a mainstream mold. Also, eye candy.. for me… a male onscreen to serve no other purpose than titillation and amusement. Done so tongue in cheek that it plays smooth. The whole thing just makes my girly bits happy and feels like, well like I must imagine it felt like to see Luke onscreen and know your destiny was to be a Jedi, or Bond, or John McClane, or a million other guys who share your same gender being the hero. I had pretty much… well … Ripley… yeah! .. and… umm… yeah… Red Sonja? Kind of? I mean I liked her and wanted to be like her but in the end, she wasn’t me… She was someone made for a different viewer. I wanted to be She-Ra.. but she was just a cartoon, and still answered to Prince Adam.. really? Her brother? ahh well. But I think you get my point. Abby! I could have been here, shit, I was her! Just a little off, not your mainstream, I was never brave enough to be Holzman but even then, she was her own interesting awesome character, fantastic.


anyway… see the movie, bring your girls to see it… it’s worth knowing someone out there is in your corner. 🙂




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